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Filmmaker . Director .

My life long journey of curiosity has brought me to a captivating development of my creative process. As young person, with my peers, I learned many avenues of self expression. Each medium taught me different understandings. I learned how to self reflect through painting. Music helped me understand rhythm and a human experience. Animation bridged my understanding of the interaction of motion and emotion. 


I graduated from California State University Los Angeles with a Bachelors of Art in Art with a focus in animation. Learning animation in a college environment taught me how to be a creative professional with digital tools. Studying animation gave me the ability to design and engineer every element of an environment. This type of thinking allows for an expansive understanding for all types of design. 


My passion lies within connecting with people and working with my hands. I value creating outside and inside the digital realm equally. My goal is to use my skills to help others, connect with my environment and contribute my community.  Thank you so much for your time, may we chat soon. 

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